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 Admissions - information and policy

Reception and Junior Intake Appeal Timetable 2015-16

Reception and Junior Intake Appeal Timetable 2016-17

 Whole School Data

 Performance tables

 Governor information

 Term dates 2015-16


School clubs

OFSTED inspection report June 2012

SIAS report July 2012>

Phonics and reading scheme

Changes for the academic year 2014-15

Pupil premium report - Statement Academic Year 2015-16

Pupil premium report - Proposed Academic Year 2016-17

Sport premium report




School prospectus



Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding procedures

Domestic abuse procedures

Whistle blowing policy

Internet safety

Guidance for safer working practice

Prevent strategy - leaflet for parents




Community Cohesion Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality Plan 2015 - 2018

Single Equality Plan - ongoing review 2012-2015

School Accessibility Plan



Complaints form

Complaints - North Somerset guidance for parents

Complaints policy






Guidelines for visitors leading collective worship

Parents/Carers questionnaire 2014-15

Parent's Questionnaire Results 2014-15

Parent's Questionnaire Responses 2014-15

Children's Questionnaire Results 2014-15

Parent's Questionnaire Responses and feedback 2015-16

Children's Questionnaire Results 2015-16

Parent view>






Even if your child is receiving universal free school meals because they are in Reception or KS1, please claim for free school meals if you are entitled to it as the school receives extra funding and free milk will be provided each day for each child - see leaflets below for more details:

 Free School Meals benefits and pupil premium leaflet>

 Universal Free School Meals leaflet>

Current school meal menu





 Safeguarding Policy

Online safety Policy

Social Media and Networking Policy

ICT Policy>

Attendance & Registration Policy

SEND Guidelines 2016

Inclusion Policy

SEND guidelines 2016

Acceptable Internet User Policy  Foundation/KS1>

Acceptable Internet User Policy KS2>

Staff Acceptable Internet User Policy (with access rights)>

Acceptable Internet User Policy (without access rights)>

Learning and Teaching Policy>

Complaints Policy>

Anti-bullying Policy

Behaviour Policy>

 Pupil Behaviour checklist

 Playground rules

 Golden Rules

PHSE and Citizenship Policy>

Calculation Policy>

Healthy Lunchbox Policy>

Collective Worship Policy>

Educational Visits Policy>

Data Protection Policy>

Charging and Remissions Policy>

Foundation Stage Early Learning Policy>

Initial Teacher Education/Initial Teacher Training Policy>

Induction Policy>

Feedback Policy

Draft Assessment policy

Draft Assessment policy appendix

Governor monitoring guidelines>

Relationship and Sex Education Policy>

Relationship and Sex Education Leaflet for Parents

Health and Safety Policy

Fire Safety Policy

Business Continuity Plan